Pilates in the Workplace

Pilates is an excellent addition to any corporate wellness initiative which helps motivate employees to lead a healthier lifestyle. Pilates in the office is very easy to organise as all you need is a space where you can use mats, put your gym kit on, bring a water bottle and you’re all set. Or if you fancy a Team Building Reformer class near your office, Flow Pilates can accommodate bookings in studio at 36 St Mary at Hill, 1min away from Sky Garden.

Team Building Pilates in the city 

Our small group classes allows the instructor to focus on each individual by giving easy options to beginners and advanced to regular practitioners. All the sessions are designed by our lead instructor Diogo Martins, a Sports Scientist, specialist in lower back pain rehab, Reformer and Mat Pilates. Having delivered 6000+ Pilates sessions, rest assured you are in very capable hands and will be introduced to Pilates techniques at your own pace.


1. Mat Pilates classes at your office

2. Reformer Pilates classes in our studio

3. In studio or on-site 1:1 & 2:1 Personal Training

Send us your requirements at: info@flowreformerpilates.co.uk

Pilates In The Workplace

Corporate Pilates Prices

Intro Mat Pilates class
for only £150

on-site, up to 20 attendees

Book by email

8 Mat Pilates classes
for only £960

on-site, up to 20 attendees

Book by email

Reformer Team Building class for only £156

In studio, 6 attendees

Book by email

5 Reformer Team Building classes for only £690

In studio, 6 attendees per class

Book by email

Pilates Benefits

Spine stability and core strength you’ll build strength at the same time as increasing flexibility and balance. The spinal alignment improves due to the strengthening of the muscles around the back, glutes and core. It will also help you look more toned, fit and strong.

Increased flexibility a good level of flexibility will help prevent injuries and improve your performance in other activities. 

Injury rehabilitation during your sessions you benefit from one-to-one attention from a qualified teacher. Whether you’re dealing with an old injury or just beginning your recovery journey, your instructor will guide you through exercises tailored to your needs. 

Posture correction many people spend lengthy periods of time sitting at their desk, often resulting in neck and lower back pain. Regular full body workouts on the reformer focusing on releasing tight hamstrings, strengthening the core and glutes muscles and joints mobility help release the aching pains and uniform development of all muscles. 

Stress reduction practising Pilates balances the connection between mind and body. When you prioritise time for the health of your body, your mind automatically benefits of it too. Pilates increases energy levels leaving you feeling stronger and refreshed after each session.

Pilates In The Workplace