Reformer Pilates 1-1

Who is it for?

If you are new to Pilates 1:1 sessions in our private studio give you the opportunity to work with our Master Trainer at your own pace to learn how to use the equipment, get familiar with Pilates techniques and establish your personal goals.

If you are an experienced practitioner 1:1 sessions are ideal for advancing your performance and focusing on specific goals benefitting from the knowledge of your Trainer to help you progress.

If you are recovering from injury Reformer Pilates is highly effective for musculoskeletal rehabilitation. We support our clients with rehab of lower back pain and improving joints mobility in shoulders, hips and knees or any muscle imbalance.

Pre and post natal Pilates is a safe way of exercising during and after pregnancy while following the recommendations of your doctor throughout. With a focus on core stability, strength and overall fitness, 1:1 sessions are structured around the changing requirements of a developing pregnancy to provide a low impact and effective workout. 

Reformer Personal Training

What to expect?

Reformer based Pilates is the perfect start for creating a safe and highly effective full body workout. In our studio you also have the option to use dumbbell weights, kettlebells, resistance bands and cardio tramp on our state of the art SPX Max Merrithew reformer. 

After an initial Pilates assessment your instructor will create an exercise programme tailored to your level of fitness and ability. 

Your sessions will be fully focused on your personal goals. You will work at the level that feels right for you with the support of your Trainer in progressing further to see your desired results.

Personal Training

Pilates Benefits

Reformer Pilates is a great way to build strength and flexibility, delivered by qualified teachers with extensive knowledge and in-depth understanding of the musculoskeletal system and how to support it so whether you’re dealing with an injury or working towards a specific movement goal, they’ll take you through a session tailored to your needs.

We offer one-to-one Reformer Pilates with our experienced Sports Scientist Diogo Martins. Diogo has been teaching 6000+ Reformer Pilates sessions and takes a holistic approach to his sessions, with a particular interest in building core strength, posture correction and injury prevention. He is also a specialist in lower back pain rehab and sports nutrition. In doing Pilates regularly, you can expect the following benefits.

Spine stability and core strength you’ll build strength at the same time as increasing flexibility and balance. The spinal alignment improves due to the strengthening of the muscles around the back, glutes and core. It will also help you look more toned, fit and strong.

Increased flexibility a good level of flexibility will help prevent injuries and improve your performance in other activities. 

Injury rehabilitation during your sessions you benefit from one-to-one attention from a qualified teacher. Whether you’re dealing with an old injury or just beginning your recovery journey, your instructor will guide you through exercises tailored to your needs. 

Posture correction many people spend lengthy periods of time sitting at their desk, often resulting in neck and lower back pain. Regular full body workouts on the reformer focusing on releasing tight hamstrings, strengthening the core and glutes muscles and joints mobility help release the aching pains and uniform development of all muscles. 

Stress reduction practising Pilates balances the connection between mind and body. When you prioritise time for the health of your body, your mind automatically benefits of it too. Pilates increases energy levels leaving you feeling stretched, relaxed and refreshed after each session. 

Personal Training
Learn new skills
Improve fitness
Stay consistent
"Diogo is one of the best instructors I have come across and always is very hands on and helpful to everyone’s abilities so no one feels they can’t do this!"
- Rox
"Diogo was recommended to me by my friends, who all spoke very highly of him - from the first session, I knew I’ve found something new to enjoy and I honestly can say that it has become my favourite exercise class of the week"
- Mina
"An absolute talent that needs to be discovered so that anyone and everyone can fall in love with reformer pilates"
- Desi